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A day in the life of a Plant Manager


Monday – 7 am, Betty will you call Tiger Unit Supervisor to come to my office.

Tiger U supervisor arrives in Manager Office.

Mgr. Say’s to TU supervisor, something has to be done this week. Your units produced per day for the last month is 15,000. As you know we need 20,000 per day. What are you doing about it?

TU supv. Replied, I don’t know what else to do, can you send more IE’s to help me?


Plant Mgr. Boss walks by the door and hears the Supv comment and enters the office.

GM said, last week I was at “Blue Moon Mfg.” and I saw a banner that said “operators’ Voice” and I asked what it meant. The supervisor said they listened to the operators as to what was going wrong at their workstation that prevented them from making standard.

Mgr. told Supv to go back to work and he would get back with her.


Tuesday – 7 am, Plant Manager calls a meeting with IE manager and the GM. In the meeting the GM explained what he had learned about the strategy of “operator’s Voice”.






Friday – 7am, GM calls a meeting and instructs the IE Manager to secure 10 Mr. Engineer KeyPads.

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