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Be smarter than the problem!

Overview  - A Lean Manufacturing tool

    Mr. Engineer is the COMPLETE productivity, and engineering tool of today.  The system is designed to perform many of the normal tasks associated with productivity, costing, and standards. Since the system is only software and hardware it will perform these tasks tirelessly and always with the same high degree of accuracy. There is no fatigue factor. It never gets bored. It is always acutely alert. Personal problems have no effect. It always gets along easily with everyone and is never moody. These factors allow the system to perform its tasks, in most cases and for longer periods of time, better than the human can perform them.


    When the system is put to work on these tasks the engineer can usually be doing other things.  If his presence is required for the particular  function being run, his time is greatly reduced from the normal  performance of these same tasks. Therefore the system will result in significant savings of one of your MOST VITAL commodities -- ENGINEERING TIME -- while at the same time improving productivity on the work floor and identifying problems that influence productivity and probably quality.


    These are the tasks that Mr. Engineer can perform :


    1. Develop Proper Method charts. (Engineer required)


    2. Perform Time Study checks and analysis. (Engineer required)


    3. Proper Method versus Actual Method analysis. (Engineer required)


    4. Perform long term observation of operators or jobs.

          (no Engineer required)


    5. Identify fatigue and pacing problems. 

          (Engineer required only for analysis)


    6. Identify external problems in the manufacturing process.                

          (Engineer required only for analysis)


    7. Machine capability analysis. (no Engineer required)


    8. Perform long term operator pacing. (no Engineer required)


    9. Train operators to work to the proper method.    

           (Engineer required only for analysis)




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