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MrE FollowUP



It's the Operator's Voice!

Study Details:

  • 548 minute study with 32.09 pause minutes

  • 95% efficiency for total of 1,592 cycles

  • 108% efficiency for 1,433 cycles without problems

  • 98.39 minutes earned downtime

  • 109.07 minutes of problems or 21% of study

  • Change bundle was 53 occurrences taking 44.75 minutes or 9% of study

  • Speed odometer is set to pace time and will blink orange if timer stops



  • The red line represents 14.718 seconds

  • The blue vertical line is actual cycle time of the 1,433 GOOD cycles

  • Time below the line is greater efficiency




  • Study ScreenShot

  • Problem stats with Bell Curve

  • Study Data Excel File


       All reports are save to download folder when study ends.



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