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Jerry J Tew began his work in Industrial Engineering in 1967 at Pepperel Manufacturing in Abbeville Alabama. His first few years were making Time Studies, some short and some all day. He worked his way up the IE ladder as Time Study Tech, Jr IE, IE, and IE Manager. He then moved into Management in 1975 and left West Point Pepperel in 1980. Moving to Dothan, Alabama and enrolling at Troy State University in Computer Science he also joined Wex-Tex Industries as IE Manager where he was responsible for Costing and IE. In 1983, he had the idea of taking a computer and joining his IE job of data collection together.


In 1986, he filed for a US Patent and it was granted in 1988.


MrE started as a time study device. After meeting Doyle Rains, IE at Lanier clothes, he expanded the system to make Follow-Up studies all work day. MrE has continued to expand it's capabilities as more systems were installed by listening to his fellow IE's. MrE has become the IE's choice of data collection.


In 2013, MrE took advantage of technology and went wireless by using the Windows 8 platform and Tablets to capture data at the operator workstation.




Krista Tew holds a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Business Administration. She has been involved in MrE since 1986 and heads up customer support center.






Jerome Tew holds a BS in Computer Science. He has been involved in MrE since 1986 installing systems all around the world.








There are plenty of Tew's to continue MrE.

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